Jatkamme normaaliaukioloilla: MA–PE 6.30–22, LA–SU 8–20.



GOGO Express is a 30 year old family-owned fitness club, stripped down to the bare essentials. We have quality equipment, huge free weight area, clean, air-conditioned facilities and the lowest membership fees in the country. Our smiling staff is there to greet and help you at all times.

GOGO Express is open 363 days a year and has long operating hours! There's always staff at hand and you can join either at the webshop or come straight to the club. There’s no catch. We have just eliminated all the excess to give you top quality fitness clubs at a great price.

We accept the following as payment method:

Cash, debit and credit cards, Smartumin liikunta- ja kulttuurisetelit (sport vouchers), Sporttipassi, Virikesetelit, Eazy Break, TYKY Online and Ticket Body&Mind